1. How process works?

  1. Design and material selection
  2. Material delivery (2-4 weeks)
  3. Interior removal from customer´s airplane
  4. Interior parts refurbrishment
  5. Interior parts delivery back to customers and assistance with interior re-instalation
  6. Paperwork delivery (FORM-1 and CRS)

2. Are components and work certified?

KAI is EASA PART-145, PART21J DOA and PART-21G POA holder. All components either repaired or newly fabricated are issued with EASA FORM-1 or CRS. All meterials are certidied in accordance with CS-25 standards.

3. Is there limit for color or pattern combination?

There is no limit for design or material combination. We provide our in-house designers or accept 3rd party design proposals.

4. How long it takes?

Whole cabin refurbrishment takes 3-6 weeks based on size of interior and scope of work.

5. Do I have warranty?

Yes, there is 24 months warranty on material and stitching. Customers receive interior cleaning manual and recommended cleaning agents.