About Us

Our passion is to deliver perfect airplane cabin with customized style and top class elegance.

Kestrel aircraft interior team guarantee quality and professionalism. We work closely together with our customers during material selection, project preparation, completion and delivery to fulfill all needs and desires. We are dealing with customers personally and key element of our success is your feedback. 

Your happiness is what matters and we are not happy until we see smile on face of our customers. 

Our motto is:

"Fabulous services for fabulous clients"

We´d like to see our customers again and again so we have satisfaction as our duty. If you expect perfection, we are the right choice.

Kestrel Aircraft Interiors is truly "one stop shop" when it comes to airplane interiors. We do all works internally inluding PART 21J design and PART 21G production as well as PART 145 release to service after maintenance.