We have the capabilities to get the leather airplane seat cleaning, repair and protection job done right. We offer on-site leather airplane seat repair and restoration services.


We provide leather surfaces cleaning services. Our professional cleaning can remove any kind of stains including in marks.


During life cycle of airplane upholstery refurbishment might be required to recondition the immaculate appearance of your cabin. We repair damages on all leather surfaces. Anything from cigarette burn holes, scratches to ageing leather surfaces cracking.  New pigmentation layer might be necessary to restore original color look and appearance. Seat will look like new. 

Layer of protective coating is applied to stretch lifetime of your seats. 

We can provide nearly any color, finish and patterns of your upholstery. We provide a lot of samples to choose from and to discover all the options we provide and obtain.

Custom logo application

We provide application of custom logos to virtually any part of interior including upholstery and carpets. You choose your pattern and we simply make it happen.